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Author Names : Rashmi Choukarya
Page No. : 09-11  volume 2 Issue 2
Article Overview


Tannins represent a wide variety of compounds that can be found in fruits, vegetables, dry extract of red wine, dry extract of grape seeds, tea and dry not edible plants. Tannins are also known as proanthocyanidins possessing useful properties such as antioxidant, anti-apoptosis, anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory as well as anti-atherosclerosis and cardiovascular protection. In the study 5 food products were analysed for their tannins content by titrimetric method, the percentage report of samples were found between 0.0010% to 0.0028% in aqueous extract and between 0.0020 - 0.0081% in methanolic extract.

Keywords: Tannins, Plant products, titrimetric analysis, aqueous and methanolic extract

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