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JOURNALS || ASIO Journal of Microbiology, Food Science & Biotechnological Innovations (ASIO-JMFSBI) [ISSN: 2455-3751]

Author Names : S. PADMANABHAN
Page No. : 03-05  volume 2 issue 1
Article Overview


These days we see lot of food being wasted in hostel mess like people leaving leftovers in the plate, cooks throwing away the remaining food, etc. The wastage of food includes both beverages like tea, coffee, fruit juice etc and food. Prevention of avoidable food waste is a serious environmental issue. Usually, these wastes are dumped in landfills which invite vectors like houseflies and communicable diseases. Not only it attracts vermin, it realise foul odour and liquids that are toxic to their environment Also, methane released by the decaying foods is much more toxic than CO2.Therefore,steps are needed to curb the avoidable wastage of food. One of the ways of reducing food wastage is usage of vending machines controlled by an app. Since the consumption of food varies from student to student, the user can select approximately the amount of food required and send the message to the machine. The user needs to show the card, the machine links his ID number (which can be taken only once) to the message sent by him and drops the food as per the amount of food instructed by him. After getting the amount of food to be cooked from the information given by all students through the machine, the cooks can prepare the meals and feed into machine early, when the user wants the food it preheats the food. There are many advantages of these machines as; they can handle up to 100 different meals at the same time. With a safe food preservation system and with a special app accessible from anywhere our Smartphone and tablets, it becomes easier to plan our diet plan. Suppose we want to observe fast during some days or we are going on some vacation or to our hometown or we are planning to eat somewhere else, we can remove the everyday meal assigned to us during those days, just by removing the option in the app. By this way, a lot of food can be prevented from being thrown away as calculated amount of food is only being cooked. 

Keywords: Smartphone and tablets, machine, ID number, houseflies and communicable diseases

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