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JOURNALS || ASIO Journal of Microbiology, Food Science & Biotechnological Innovations (ASIO-JMFSBI) [ISSN: 2455-3751]

Author Names : Tanmay Kumar Sahoo
Page No. : 01-02  volume 2 issue 1
Article Overview


Food is an essential part of our life and due to increasing in population the demand of food has also increases due to which there is a lot of crisis in food. Every day about 30% of children in the world die out of poverty and malnutrition. One of the major food wastes comes from universities and hostels; it is our duty check this problem and helps to sort it out. In India the food gets wasted in every household, event and also in institutions like universities and school. In Institutions and Universities food is prepared in bulk amount but lot of amount gets wasted. The food which gets wasted can be used to feed the hungry. One of the solutions can be by giving students choices of what they want to eat; this can help to reduce food wastage. We can also try to make a scheme of paying a penalty of RS 20 for leaving rice or vegetables and Rs 10 for leaving salad or papads. This can also help to check food wastage and collect money for charity. In North-Indian Vegetarian Mess it has been observed that about 90-100 kg of food is prepared for students every day from which approximately 40-50 kg of food is left over and about 10-20 kg of food gets wasted every day by students. The same case can be seen in North Indian-Non-Vegetarian Mess and about 100-120 kg of food is prepared including rice, chapatti and vegetables from which again about 30-40 kg of food gets wasted every day; this scenario can be seen in every mess. Food wastage is a major issue in universities and hostel and it is our duty to check its wastage and try to minimalize it. We have to change our food habit and menu because food crisis is a major threat for people. This can be a step towards fighting hunger and poverty.