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Author Names : Abdoulie Fye
Page No. : 08-11  volume 2 Issue 2
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Abdoulie Fye, Why is decentralisation not making a head way in most countries?, ASIO Journal of Humanities, Management & Social Sciences Invention (ASIO-JHMSSI), 2016, 2(2): 08-11.

ARTICLE TYPE: Research Article

dids/doi No.:12.2015-81145222

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When decentralisation becomes a white elephant, development can simply become a lip service. The quickest route to ensure effective citizen participation in the decision-making process of their development aspirations, local democratic governance should be a stronghold for governments to adhere, implement and sustain decentralisation. Authorities should not be like hens by sitting all the times on their eggs which depicts total control of power. Power belongs to the people and it should be given to the people to decide their own destine which makes decentralisation a precious asset to enhance the development needs of the citizens. As Lord Acton warned that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. If only we want to have an empowered society, the sweetness of power should not overcome us in relinquishing power to where it rightfully belongs to (Citizens).

Keywords: Decentralisation; Democracy; Democratic Governance; Democratisation; Governments; Multi-party; Single-party.

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