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Author Names : Dritan Abazovic
Page No. : 14-19  volume 2 issue 1
Article Overview


Dritan Abazovic, Theories and Models of Globalization Ethicizing, ASIO Journal of Humanities, Management & Social Sciences Invention (ASIO-JHMSSI), 2016, 2(1): 14-19.

ARTICLE TYPE: Research Article

dids/doi No.:12.2015-81145222

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Globalization as a phenomenon is under the magnifying glass of many philosophical discussions and theoretical deliberations. While most theorists deal with issues that are predominantly of economic or political character, this article has a different logic. The article presents and based on six theories, which in their own way to explain the need for movement by ethicizing globalization. Globalization is a process that affects all and as such it has become inevitable, but it is up the people to determine its course and make it either functional or uncontrolled. The survival and development of any society is measured primarily by the quality of its moral and ethical foundation. Therefore, it is clear that global society can survive and be functional only if it finds a minimum consensus on ethical norms or, as said in theory, if it establishes its ethical system based on which it would be built and developed.

Keywords: Ethicizing globalization, social utilitarianism, ethics of communicative discourse, ethics based on human nature, ethics in religious traditions of human kind, ethics of the poor, personalistic ethics

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