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JOURNALS || ASIO Journal of Humanities, Management & Social Sciences Invention (ASIO-JHMSSI) [ISSN: 2455-2224]

Author Names : Piyush Dhamdhere
Page No. : 13-15  volume 3 issue 1
Article Overview


OLA CABS works on a very simple concept like facilitator in providing cab booking services to customer through multiple services. So aim of this work was to introduce an app like this. So the app provides the users to access the server by which they can book their cabs anytime and anywhere without standing in long queues and waiting for it to come at their own comfort. Basic aim of this work was to discuss on a problem that is faced by most of the students studying in wider campus Universities that is THE SHUTTLE CAB PROBLEM. To find a solution to this problem we have conducted a survey about the student’s response on this problem they face. So  due to the same consequences faced by the students of  universities, THE THINKERS introduces an app which can tell every detail of the cab, so that it release some of the headache from students . But also every app would contain a touch button so, that drivers can increase or decrease the number of passengers travelling in cab which would reflect in server. For which driver would be given training, so that it could show when cab seats are full or empty so that no one needs to wait for a cab which is already filled and also see its route where it going so that no need to wait for a cab which is not proceeding to our destination. It’s just an app which everyone can download and get access to it through internet and use its features.

Keywords: cabs, apps, passengers, tracking device.