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Author Names : Bassey S. E.
Page No. : 01-03  volume 3 issue 1
Article Overview


A survey of the prevalence rate of Schistosoma intercalatum was carried out among school-aged children in Opume, Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State in 2016. A total of 450 stool samples were collected and examined to determine the prevalence of intestinal schistosome infections. The results showed that 30% of the children had S. intercalatum. Males had higher prevalence of 44.08%% than females, 13.17%. For infection rates according to age groups, the 9-11 years had the highest infection rate of 35.48%, followed by the 12-14 years, 30.70% and the least in the 3-5 years, 20.0%.  These results are a pointer to the fact that S. intercalatum is endemic in Opume and its implications are discussed. 

Keywords: Intestinal, Schistosomiasis, Opume, School-aged, Schistosoma.


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